Slack to Discord Migration

What do I need to know?

Beginning in September, 2019, the administrators of WinAdmins will begin a migration of our channels from Slack to Discord. The following dates are considered important:

  1. Over the weekend of September 14-15, 2019, a bridge will be setup between the WinAdmins Slack and Discord environments so that messages sent in either environment will be relayed to the other. We hope this will ensure a smoother transition.

  2. Beginning September 23, 2019, most of the Slack public channels will change to announcement mode, where only moderators and administrators will be able to send messages. The bridge will be disabled.

  3. In late October, 2019, on a date still to be determined, the Slack will be disabled for all non-administrators.

  4. While some channels might see a slight rename, all public channels will migrate to Discord.

Why migrate?

We've realized that our needs have outgrown what Slack is able to provide for free. As we're not corporately sponsored, and attempts to get a discounted rate failed, we've decided to move to the Discord platform. This decision was not taken lightly and was made after several months of testing six different popular platforms. Below we've compiled a list of key reasons we selected Discord over Slack:

  • Endless chat: Discord comes with virtually no buffer, it'll be easier to find those old conversations.

  • Private Messages Forever: Your private messages are kept separate from the server, and do not expire. Like Slack, there can be multiple people in a private message chat.

  • Discord has a Dark Mode. You wouldn't believe how often this comes up as a problem for our Slack community ;-)

  • The ability to have a voice channel for those who wish to use audio.

  • Better Administrative and Moderation tools.